The World Spider Catalog – –

The World Spider Catalog is a first fully searchable and freely accessible online database covering spider taxonomy. It contains the complete taxonomic information for all valid spider species, from the first spider species description in 1757 until today, including all taxonomic changes, with full reference to the authors. In the last two decades, the World Spider Catalog became an authoritative database, providing considerable stability in nomenclature and taxonomy of spiders.


The World Spider Catalog Association – – WSCA

The World Spider Catalog Association for the promotion of taxonomic and systematic research in arachnology was founded 2013. It has two main activities, to collect all taxonomically relevant spider literature and to make it accessible to its members with a password protected access. The World Spider Catalog Association is an association under the Swiss Civil Law, without commercial purpose, and provides currently access to more than 98% of the taxonomically relevant spider literature.


araneae – Spiders of Europe – –

Spiders of Europe is an internet based identification key where all nearly 4’500 European spider species are presented each with diagnostic drawings, a description and a distribution map, comprising a total of more than 35’000 figures and 3500 photos. Dichotomous keys allow identification to all family, genus and species levels.